• On attracting the kind of clients that speak

    your money language.

    That's what happens when your copy plays nicely with your brand vision.

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The Right Prose Changes Everything.

I already know you're Amazing. I'm just here to make your story shine.

You’re a visionary. A lighthouse. The unconventional rule breaker. Oh, how I love rule breakers!

You ain’t just here to make some quick bucks. You’re here for the long haul.

You’re smart, brilliant, and I’m willing to bet you sure do know your stuff.

But sometimes, you get tongue-tied when it comes to saying/showing/writing just how oh-so-amazing you are.

I’m here to turn you + your business into an overnight celebrity.


Let’s raise a glass to your red carpet moment.

My clients are the best ever, and they think I create mad crushes.

Signature Hot Copy

Signature Hot Copy

A big box of irresistible hotness. Perfect for business owners who are super clear on their brand message. Starting from your web copy to your brand statement, newsletters and taglines, I got you covered. Also includes custom handcrafted graphics for rocking your social media platforms like a #boss. Plus a sweet and sexy bonus package you won't find anywhere else. Because they don't call me the business bestie for nothing.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Well, I kinda think great copy is sexier than chocolate. You gotta agree with me here. This package consists of five hot, sizzling pages of web copy that will make your competitors swoon with green envy. Perfect for new business owners, sexy makeovers and re-brands. Sparklers included. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Launch Toolkit

Launch Toolkit

This package is perfect for you if you're launching a product or service (or some other dashes of awesome) that requires a bangin' sales page + a launch plan laser focused on content marketing. You'll walk away with oh-so sexy clarity on your ideal clients + their buyer persona, a swoon-worthy sales page, an amazing 'About' page and your Copy Launch Kit.